White house expresses hope for peace in Afghanistan

White house expresses hope for peace in Afghanistan

Trump welcomed the release of two professors from the Afghan-American University in Kabul.

According to the “Voice of Afghanistan” News Agency, US President Donald Trump on his Twitter page welcomed the release of two professors – US citizen Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weekes and expressed hope that this step could lead to a cease-fire and end the war in Afghanistan.

“We hope that these steps will lead to an improvement of the situation and a cease-fire, will help to the end of long war,” the US President wrote.
Trump also highly appreciated Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s decision to confirm the release of the two professors.

The white house has written in a news-bulletin that the Donald Trump’s administration is continuing to cooperate in Afghanistan to ensure that the country’s territory will no longer be used as a place to commit terrorist acts against the United States and its allies.

US Secretary Mike Pompeo also welcomed the release of professors Kevin King and Timothy Weekes, who were held hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan for more than three years. According to Mr. Pompeo, both men are safely handed over to the US military and will soon be reunited with their families.

“The Taliban declares that the teachers’ release was intended as a goodwill gesture that the United States welcomes, Mr. Pompeo said. – We also welcome the upcoming release of 10 Afghan prisoners by the Taliban and the release of three Taliban prisoners, envisaged by the Afghan government. We consider it as healthy signs that the Afghan war – the terrible and devastative conflict, has been going on for 40 years – may soon end through a political settlement.”

“Along with the decline in violence in Kabul during last few days, the above-mentioned events give us hope for the success of the intra-Afghan peace talks, which the United States is ready to support,” Mr. Pompeo added.