White cars break records of popularity in the world for the 10th year in a row

White cars break records of popularity in the world for the 10th year in a row

For the tenth year in a row, white is the most popular color among new cars: more than a third part of buyers choose it. The Russian website speedme.ru, specializing in the distribution of automotive news, reports about it with reference to Axalta company.

Axalta company knows what it says, being a major global supplier of automotive paints and enamels. The company’s latest research report says that white cars make up 38% of all vehicles traveling on the world’s roads. At the same time, 19% of motorists choose the opposite of white cars – black, this color is the second most abundant. Gray, frequent among 15% of cars, is in the third place.

Choice of shades depends on the car class. So, 62% of buyers of executive cars in Europe choose black or gray. Preferences also depend on geography. For example, in China, 57% of residents buy white, while in the European Union this color shares the first place with gray: both account for 25% of vehicles.

In Russia, the statistics is somewhat different. To be fair, the Axalta data does not include separate measurements for the Russian Federation. But this year, the Drom portal conducted its own research. After analyzing the database of more than 2.6 million. ads for 2019, it has revealed that almost 35% of cars in Russia are gray or silver. The second most popular color among motorists is white. It is painted in 23% of the total number of cars in the database. Then black follows – 18%. Thus, these three colors account for 71% of the market.

It is interesting, that compared to the same study of the site in 2016, red cars became almost 2 times more – 6.6% against 3.7%.

As they say, tastes differ.