Which CIS countries will be opened to Russian international flights starting September 1?

Which CIS countries will be opened to Russian international flights starting September 1?

It became known what countries Russia may resume international flights starting September 1. About this, RIA Novosti reports citing to the Association of Tour Operators of Russia.

From September 1, Russian airlines will re-start regular flights to most of the CIS countries, including Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia.

According to experts, such decision has several grounds. Firstly, the coronavirus outbreak in Russia has begun to abate. In addition, in September, the country plans to launch commercial production of the COVID-19 vaccine.

In the CIS countries, the epidemiological situation has also improved. In addition, they are interested in purchasing the Russian vaccine, which would also in favor of restoration of humanitarian and business ties with Russia.

At the same time, it is not yet known when the Russian-Belarusian border will re-open for tourists. It is noted that Belavia has extended suspension of air travel to Russia till 21 August.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, starting from 27 March, Russia has stopped all regular and charter flights into and out of Russia. The only exceptions are repatriation flights for Russian citizens from foreign states (and foreigners from Russia), as well as cargo, postal, sanitary and some others.

Up to this point, Russia has re-opened borders with Turkey, Great Britain, Tanzania and Switzerland. Several other countries have announced their readiness to host travelers from Russia – Croatia, Montenegro, Egypt, UAE, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Kenya and the Maldives.

Amid the pandemic crisis, resumption of international flights is the most difficult and at the same time necessary measure for recovery of economy. As a rule, re-opening of borders and resumption of international transport travels lead to a new outbreak of coronavirus disease, and, as a result, the re-imposition of restrictions. In this regard, in order to prevent the import of COVID-19 into the country, Turkmenistan has prolonged suspension of all international flights till 31August of this year.