Where tourists go more often

Where tourists go more often

In the World Tourist Organisation of the United Nations (UNWTO) the list of countries with the fastest growing tourist market were named, as Interfax-West reports.

«In total in 2019 the quantity of foreign trips to the world reached 1,5 billion which is 4 % more than a year ago. More often tourists visited France – 90 million trips and Spain – 83,8 million», – as told in the research of the organization.

According to UNWTO, Myanmar (+40,2 %), Puerto Rico (+31,2 %) and Iran (+27,9 %) became the most fast-growing tourist markets in 2019. Nevertheless, according to experts, in 2020 this market of Iran will hardly continue to grow because of military intensity in the country.

In 2019 the popularity of the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus – Uzbekistan (+27,3 %), Armenia (+14,4 %), Azerbaijan (+11,4 %) and Kazakhstan (+10 %) grew. The tourist’s flow to Montenegro (+21,4 %), Egypt (+21,1 %), Vietnam (+16,2 %) and Turkey (+14 %) also considerably increased. The countries of the Caribbean region have also improved their positions and the number of trips to Anguilla, Saint Martin, Dominica and the Virgin Islands the USA has considerably grown.

In 2019 Sri Lanka and Hong Kong saw a notable decline. In Sri Lanka the quantity of tourists was reduced by 18 % because of acts of terrorism on the Easter Sunday. And to Hong Kong the tourist flow has fallen by 18,8 % because of protests and growth of social intensity.

Nury Amanov