Where exactly the revolt of robots can begin?

Where exactly the revolt of robots can begin?

China remains the largest world market of industrial robots. The newspaper China Daily informs on it.

According to reports of the International Federation of Robotics, China keeps the position of the world’s largest market of industrial robots – 36 % from total amount of global installation that exceeds total in Europe and America.

China also is the largest engine of investments into the sphere of IT and development of the newest technologies of “distant prospect». The Celestial Empire is guided by creation of breaks in social and ecological problematics. In the focus of attention is such spheres, as advanced materials, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, blockchain and drones and robotics, photonics and electronics, and also quantum computing.

Jeff Walters, managing director and senior partner of Boston Consulting Group, has noted that China has so many large, traditional companies and industries that need these technologies to be built in order to prepare for the next 10-20 years.

– They need a lot more than what’s being provided right now. So that demand side is still really strong.

The boom of growth of the hi-tech companies in China is connected with serious state and private support, and delay of rates yet is not supposed.

So, founders of frightening films about the revolt of cars should pay the attention to the Chinese cinema and to advance the idea of restriction of artificial intelligence in the eastern market.

Altyn Ashyrova