Where does tasty and healthy bread come from?

Where does tasty and healthy bread come from?

Under the leadership of Dovran Dzhumabaev, a resident of the Dashoguz region, a mini-flour production plant has been operating for about twenty years, providing the first product of necessity not only to the population of his region, but also to residents of neighboring regions.

– Initially, the capacity of our flour mill was 20-25 tons per day, but over time we increased it to 40-45 tons. It is intended for the production of flour of all sorts and from all types of bran, – says the entrepreneur.

– One grain goes a long way to become flour – it is weighed and tested in the laboratory. When the analyzes are ready, the grain is unloaded into a special dumping pit, from where it is already fed to the elevator’s working tower, continues Dzhumabaev. – Then it is purified from various impurities. If the moisture content of the grain is normal, then it goes for grinding, if not, then it is moistened and allowed to rest for 24 hours.

– The grain, ready for grinding, is first turned into flakes, and then into flour. Vitamin “Provit-3” is added to the flour of the highest and first grade, and before being sent to consumers, finished products are packed into 45-kg polypropylene bags. In waste-free production, wheat bran is also in great demand among farmers and livestock breeders.

– There is a small bakery shop on the territory of the plant, where we sell the flour products of our bakery. We try to do our job with high quality, – says Dovran.

In fact, in order to conquer your niche in the market, you need to focus as much as possible on the manufacture of a high-quality product, its proper storage and affordable prices for the mass consumer.

Entrepreneur Dovran Jumabaev is not going to stop there, and in the future plans to expand production and cooperate with neighboring countries – Afghanistan, Iran, etc.