Where do the stories come from: life, profession and experience

Where do the stories come from: life, profession and experience

“You may not be a poet, but you must be a citizen!”

The lines of the poem by Nikolai Nekrasov, well-known for those who once studied at school, are perfectly suited, by the way, to the hero of this article.

A citizen of a state is, first of all, a person who takes an active moral position, does his job the way one wants to repeat after him. Not indifferent and energetic, enthusiastic and knowing how it can be useful to society and the country.

Maxim Papanov is 48 years old; first of all, he is a family man with experience, so to speak. He has three beautiful children and a grandson. The fact is already an occasion for pride.

But for Maxim, a lover of activities so polar to each other, like literature and skydiving, there will be more. After all, he is also an IT specialist, designer, and an experienced polygraphist. And besides everything …

He is the author of wonderful stories! And not those who are poisoned by a cabal in the kitchen. And those who came out under the cover of the European publishing house “Another Solution”.

Although this event was a big surprise for Maxim himself – a man who simply loves to compose stories, but never planned to publish them.

Maxim himself modestly talks about his hobbies.

– As a child, I dreamed of becoming a pilot. He parachuted more than once. But since school, he felt a penchant for writing.

Children’s dreams of heaven were a thing of the past when young Papanov entered the Faculty of Mathematics with a degree in applied mathematics. It was not possible to finish school – the summons to the army came.

And only after returning from service, Maxim decided on his future profession: – I will be a computer technician!

And, indeed, it turned out great with programming, so he quickly found a job in this specialty. It seems to be by accident.

But chance is not accidental! The new work, which was associated with the journalist’s environment, influenced the creative component of his life. Just in those very years, Maxim wrote amazing stories.

The culinary story “Chebureki”, which the author posted on one of the sites, was a success with readers. Maxim also distinguishes this work as the most successful in his literary experiments.

The tale “Two and the Echo” was written due to an argument:

– We sat at work, discussed something, and an interesting conversation ensued, during which one of my colleagues spurred my inspiration with the phrase: “Is it weak to write you a good fairy tale?”

Then Maxim excitedly began to write the plot. Following the tale was the story “Fear Santa Claus, bringing gifts.” The newly-minted writer also published these works on a worldwide network.

– My main profession is book design. Creating cover layouts and page layouts. I really like to read modern literature, ”says Maxim. – Sergey Shargunov, Victor Pelevin, Dmitry Bykov – the authors whom I now single out for myself.

All the stories of Maxim Papanov are mainly about love, although, by and large, all art (if it is truly such) is based on this eternal theme. IT, of course, is not new. But it is close to every heart, even if not everyone is aware of it.

Svetlana MAYAK