When years – wealth

When years – wealth

The most elderly inhabitant of the planet has reached a longevity record, informed recently mass-media. It concerns Japanese Kane Tanaka whom was included in the Guinness Book of Records as her age 117 years and 260 days beat the former record of the longevity established before by Nabi Tajima who died in last year.

Kane Tanaka was born on January 2, 1903. She loves chocolate and aerated drinks and expects to live as long as 120.

According to all available information, now in Japan there are more than 80 thousand persons over hundred years, 88 % from them – women.

Thus, if in Japan in 1963 there were only 153 persons over 100 years in 1981 their number reached thousand, and in 1998 – 10 thousand.

Italy is named as the country of centenaries which wins first place in Europe in number of long-livers for which the country’s south especially is famous.

Many of them consider as a secret of the long life the famous Mediterranean diet based on the use of a considerable quantity of fresh vegetables and fruit, olive oil, fish and seafood, nuts and paste. As it is known, this energy supply system was brought in 2010 by UNESCO in the list of intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

The world record-holder for all history Frenchwoman Jeanne Kalman who died on August 4, 1997 at the age of 122 and 164 days is considered. Madam Kalman is considered the unique person in the history, who overcame a 120 anniversary boundary, whose age is proved documentary.

Under messages of the Russian mass-media, in the Caucasus which was always rich with long-livers, this boundary has stepped with a 128 year old Nanu Shaova, and Koku Istambulova from the Chechen Republic, according to the pension fund, in 2019 should note the 130th anniversary. Thus a secret of long-livers of the Caucasus is pure air and prayer and ayran.

It was informed also that shepherd Shirali Muslimov, according to the Soviet passport, was born on March 26, 1805, and died on September 2, 1973, having lived 168 years. The working experience of the Azerbaijan shepherd exceeded 150 years. Grandfather Shirali was so vigorous and cheerful that at 136 he married in the third time, having taken as wife 57-year-old Hatum-hanum.

But foreign researchers to recognise the age of Shirali Muslimova refused, motivating it with absence of the birth certificate and believing that the age of the aksakal was overestimated by 40-50 years.

The matter is that since 1990, besides the Guinness Book of Records, the Gerontology research group (GRG), based in the Californian university is engaged in registration of people aged from 110 and over.

The group checks the people asserting that they are not less than 110 years, investigating the documents presented by the applicant or his family. Those who take place check, get to lists of the verified long-livers. In these lists there are no names of Russians, are not present in them and names of Turkmen long-livers about which time and again told Turkmen mass-media. For example, it was some years ago informed that the 122-year-old inhabitant of Turkmenistan made ascension to the health path.

According to Stephen Kolsa, doctor of medicine and philosophy, standards GRG are very strict. For inclusion of the person it is necessary to present original documents on birth to lists of long-livers, and they frequently are absent in the Post-Soviet countries.

Improvement of the living conditions, more advanced medical technologies and perfection of system of the statistical account in many countries influences as a whole increase in number of long-livers. So, in Russia in the beginning of current year there were 22 thousand 600 inhabitants over 100.

According to experts of Rosstat, in comparison with last year the number of long-livers in the country has increased by 10 %. They have specified that if to compare indicators with last decade citizens at the age of more than 100 years became three times more. It is predicted that the quantity of Russians aged over 100 will be gradually grow.

Social policy held in Turkmenistan, development of national system of public health services and the international cooperation in this sphere create conditions for display of this tendency and in Turkmenistan where longevity always was considered as a great value and an award for just life. Not without reason, the traditional answer to news about a birth of the kid is the wish «Yashy uzyn bolsun» (Let your life be long), and older persons Turkmens respectfully name yashuly (long-liver).

The people, who have stepped a century boundary of age, give various advice that who wants to live long and happily. The main things from them – to be active and positive, to eat healthy and natural food, more to be in the open air and the sun.

And still – smile! Not without reason say that laughter – the best medicine.

And one more note: for older persons communication is very important, love and attention of relatives.

Therefore do not forget about parents, grandmothers and grandfathers, give them warmth and care which you will also need once need.

Ogulgozel REJEPOVA