When teachers give a concert for students: a new tradition in a music school at the TNC

When teachers give a concert for students: a new tradition in a music school at the TNC

The works by the outstanding composers born in different epochs were performed at a concert that has taken place today at a specialized music boarding school at the Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva.

The concert programme included music by Henry Purcell (360th birthday), Felix Mendelssohn (210th birthday), Jacques Offenbach (200th birthday), Anton Rubinstein (190th birthday) and Alexandra Pakhmutova who will celebrate her 90th birthday on November 9.

– Purcell lived in the period when Baroque music was played, Mendelssohn is a representative of romanticism, and Alexandra Nikolaevna Pakhmutova is the maestro of our time. Each of them is excellent in their own way, Ekaterina Chizhova, a cello teacher told.

This is the third concert organized by school teachers for their students. The first performance took place in May, and the second was held on the International Day of Music celebrated on October 1.

Teachers Bahar Durdyeva, Ekaterina Chizhova, Aliya Umarova, Joshgun Babayev, Maral Bekniyazova, Guzel Seyitniyazova and others performed for their students the famous works by the above-mentioned composers such as the “Sonata for Cello and Piano No. 2” and “Quartet No. 4 E-minor” by Mendelssohn, the “Hope” by Alexandra Pakhmutova and others.

– The teacher should be able not only to explain the subject in words, but also to show it in practice, become an example for the students, Ekaterina Chizhova explains. – Such concerts are developing. Indeed, the very presence at a concert has completely different effect on a person than listening to the same music in a recording.

– We already have ideas on organizing the next concert, the teacher shared. – Since such a tradition has established, we must continue it.