When history is more important than the author: conversation with a young Turkmen writer

When history is more important than the author: conversation with a young Turkmen writer

The writer’s works begins with the first artistic text written by him. Each person perceives validity in own his way, accordingly, skill of any author consists in being able to carry away the reader by originality of thinking, an accurate subject line and good syllable.

The writer, as well as any artist, reflects the life, aspiring to explore all its sides, to find out sense and to leave in the history the work on studying human psychology. About what how he, a writer of the XXI century should be, in conversation with the correspondent of the ORIENT, Maksat Bashimov, the young author of several stories and short stories, the editor of the magazine «Dünyä edebiyaty» (World literature) has told.

– It is considered that the best age for the writer is from 25 to 35 years, but many authors started to write much earlier. So I think, the talent does not depend on age. I was fond of literature from school and as many my contemporaries tried to write verses, at first I wrote in Russian, and then understood that it is easier for me to write in my native Turkmen language. And already after school I decided to study as journalist-foreign affairs specialist that as they say, to have a way with words.

Academic years acquainted the student with many-sided nature of world literature. Spending his scholarship for books, Maksat went deep into reading, beginning with the most ancient masters of literature – Homer and Ovid – to authors of the present.

– I point out for myself three writers with whom it is always interesting for me. Even their draft copies madly carry me away is Michael Dostoevsky, Franz Kafka and José de Sousa Saramago. Therefore I write in compliance with the circle of reading, sometimes my short stories as if are in a literary dialogue with great writers of old times. The attitude of the German writer is very close to me, but going deep into the existentialism world, it is necessary to point out Akmurat Shirov – «Turkmen Kafka» as its many critics have nicknamed him, wrote in the genre of magic realism, I think, his creativity deserves the separate attention.

Maksat Bashimov creates in the genre of modernist prose, his stories are published in newspapers, literary magazines and at the portal www.galamdas.com. Among young authors of Turkmenistan this content is very popular, here readers can write a response about works and discuss with the author his literary work, whether it be poetry or prose.

– My audience is the youth, I try to write in an accessible language and for me it is important, that the reader could feel co-author of work. When I write, I take a great pleasure, creating the world where history becomes more important than the author. And it can inspire everything, everything – cinema, music, literature, but the most important thing – life, that we see and we do daily. In our magazine there was such material, advice for novice writers, from a set of the offered recommendations of the most important there was one – not to observe any advice! As to teach to write it is impossible.

The work of the editor-translator takes a lot of time, but Maksat Bashimov tries to compose if not every day, then once a month. Now for the publication in the magazine «Dünyä edebiyaty» translation of the novel of Miguel de Cervantes ” Don Quixote ” is done into Turkmen. By confirmation of Maksat this work has made a big impression on him.

– For the literary magazine I try to choose such works, having got acquainted with which I would like to share with our audience. It is necessary to read useful literature and to try to avoid pulp fiction. Good books seldom happen to be best sellers, and their authors more often are not media persons and also conduct a solitary way of life. As writer I understand – words possess a huge power, especially if these words are written. If I could, – Maksat Bashimov crafty smiles, – I would prefer not to write, but after all, the writer is not a profession but is a state of mind.