When a woman is a composer, conductor and director

When a woman is a composer, conductor and director

A modern woman – who is she, a desperate housewife or a strict leader? Is she also a creative person?

– My work is my life! – Maysa Mammetjumayeva, a female composer, conductor and head of pop art department of the Turkmen National Conservatory, decisively says.

– I am the first musician in the family, she tells of herself. – In the kindergarten, when we were taken to music classes, I immediately liked the piano. When someone played it, tears flowed from my eyes; so much the sounds of this instrument impressed me.

Parents began to take the girl to a neighbor to make music. Already at school, she independently attended the Tonic choral studio, where, learning the musical basics, young Maysa understood what her future profession would be.

– The main focus in Tonic studio was on choral singing. Subsequently, my parents sent me to a music school. I always felt some kind of providence in my path. It was as if the fate itself introduced me to such people who contributed to revealing musical abilities in me.

One of the first teachers of Maysa was Zinaida Shlionskaya. It was she who taught Mays to think in the right musical direction, compose, and select chords. The young composer wrote her first work in the 6th grade. Larisa Vakurina, a solfeggio teacher, cultivated a love for musical literacy in the girl.

– I have always been more attracted to theory, Maysa Mammetjumayeva continues. Therefore, I entered the Theoretical Department at the Music School named after Danatar Ovezov. And she continued to write music.

Then she entered the Composers’ Department at the Conservatory, and was educated by such outstanding mentors as Rejep Allayarov.

Then, for about 5 years, newly certified composer and qualified specialist Maysa Bayramdurdiyevna worked at a music school. Among her former students are now quite famous musicians Selbi Niyazova, Nury Atayev and many others.

An important stage in her creative activity was the organization of an ensemble of folk instruments, which immediately won first place in the national competition of traditional music. In general, certificates and diplomas, received over the years of creative activity, can cover all the walls of a cozy office of the currently pop art department head.

For nine years, Maysa Bayramdurdiyevna has been conducting the orchestra at the popular Children’s Song Contest “Pearls of Independence”.

To conduct an orchestra is not an easy task: the pre-concert excitement is quickly replaced by driving emotions and a complete absorption in a musical work. “What the eye fears, the hands do”, the female conductor jokes.

– When I compose a piece of music, it is as if I hear music in my head. I am inspired by the history of our country, national culture, traditions… I like the sea… Nature gives many ideas and images…

This year, Maysa Mammetjumayeva has written a major work – an Ode for three soloists, choir and symphony orchestra. The work was presented at a reporting concert at the Turkmen National Conservatory and was highly appraised by expert musicologists. More recently, she has released a new song album, which is successful among Turkmen music lovers.

Well, apparently, the phrase of German composer Johannes Brahms “Rather a man will give birth to a child than a woman will write good music” was in vain. There are many famous women composers and conductors in world culture, and one of them is Maysa Mammetjumayeva.

Svetlana MAYAK