What’s on offer for TGC 2019 delegates?

What’s on offer for TGC 2019 delegates?

The delegates of the 10th International Gas Congress of Turkmenistan (TGC-2019), which will be held May 21-22 at the Avaza National Tourist Zone, will start arriving in Turkmenistan in a week’s time, and some even earlier.

Here is the brief description of the cultural programme awaiting them in Awaza:

In addition to previously announced business excursions to State Concern “Turkmengas” polymer plant and Petronas gas processing facility in Kiyanly, they will also visit the international port of Turkmenbashy. Delegates will enjoy the taste of Turkmen national dishes, fruits and oriental sweets. All of this will be set up inside the traditional “Ak Oi” (white yurt), where delegates will have a wonderful opportunity to admire Turkmen handmade carpets, dance to the tunes of traditional Turkmen songs performed live by folklore groups.

In the evening, after a busy day, delegates will be offered a show program and a gala dinner on the shores of the Caspian Sea, to the tunes of folk music played by Serdar Haydarov, classical and modern music performed by Rasul Klychev’s symphonic orchestra, as well enjoy live singing of the popular vocalists Nury Nuryev and Maysa Niyazova. So, the show programme is promising to be diverse and enjoyable!

And no matter how busy TGC delegates will be while going through the busy agenda of the event, the organizers will offer everyone the unforgettable opportunity to take a sea tour of Awaza along the shores of the Caspian sea.

In addition, the organizers have arranged a special green corridor for all international participants of TGC as they will be met and guided through immigration and customs control – to make sure their arrival is as smooth as possible.

It should be noted, that this year the organizers have focused on the content of the programme, which includes presentations from key players in the global gas market, round table discussions, announcement of new investment opportunities, signing of various memorandums – all of which will surely contribute to regional energy security and growth.

Aleksandr BAIRIYEV