“What? Where? When?” – a game that teaches to think quickly

“What? Where? When?” – a game that teaches to think quickly

The game was developed in 1975 by the Soviet and Russian theater director, artist, television host and director Vladimir Voroshilov. Throughout the game, a team of six experts attempts to answer questions sent in by viewers. The chemistry of the team game was so attractive, and by 1990 a several thousand people were playing it.

At that time, the Clubs of intellectual creativity were founded, where experienced experts began to train children at the age of 12-18s. The Youth League “What? Where? When?” were organized all over. And it was quite obvious that there were need to create the game in a format that would be different from the familiar television show.

Debut of the national team of Turkmenistan at the “What? Where? When?” World Championships Baku, 2004

At the congress of the International Association of Clubs, a game “Brain-ring” was held as a test, where, competitions rely on reaction rate rather than knowledge and erudition, and a competitive sports variant of “What? Where? When?” game. In the sports version, the teams simultaneously answer the anchorman’s question. The answer is submitted in a special form, and the team who answer the question correctly, earn a point.

The sports variant of “What? Where? When?” gathers in one hall 25-30 best teams of different countries to confront each other and to play simultaneously to reveal the strongest team. Thanks to this type of game, it became possible to host the World Championships on “What? Where? When?” game. Starting the second edition of the forum, experts from Turkmenistan have also taken part in the championships.

In 1994, the sports version of the game “What? Where? When?” was first played in Turkmenistan. It was played by students who on their own prepared a package of questions. In the future, the team’s watch system and the preparation of questions for the opponents became for many years a “brand” that distinguished the games in Turkmenistan from others.

In 1996, the youth league was created by enthusiasts of the movement, Daniil Maikovsky and Vladimir Mkrtumov, where high grade school students of Turkmenistan could try themselves in the game. The youth league became a start in life for many Turkmen experts who are still playing.

Anniversary “What? Where? When?” Games in Ashgabat, 2019. Experts of Turkmenistan celebrate the 25th anniversary since the first game was played in the country

Currently, “What? Where? When?” is still played in Turkmenistan. If you want to add your name to history of the game, feel free to call: +99363863174.

New players are welcomed and we would be glad to share our experience with pleasure.