What was this year remembered for? ORIENT poll

What was this year remembered for? ORIENT poll

The New Year holiday beloved by all is fast approaching. In anticipation of it, we always summarize the results of the outgoing year, try to leave in the past everything unnecessary to start the coming year from scratch. What did you manage to realize and what stories or events were the flashbulb memories in 2019? ORIENT learned about from its readers, friends and colleagues.

Jennet, Translator:

– This year was remembered by the fact that I graduated from higher school abroad and returned home to my parents, whom I missed so much. I got a long-awaited job. The job allows me to  meet new people and to gain professional experience. A spontaneous summer trip to the sea became another coin in the treasury of my memories. This year I again met a friend with whom we have not met since kindergarten. She accidentally found my social page and recognized me from photographs there. It was really awesome.

Elvira, Research Journalist, the nCa News Agency:

– Perhaps, this year was remembered by me as a career promotion, plus, over 365 all sorts of different moments when you say: “the little nothings of life, but nice.” If you do not expect a global miracle from life, every new day gives a reason for joy.

Vyacheslav, Computer Graphics Designer:

– This year was remembered by the fact that there were huge changes in my appearance – I lost 45 kilograms. Due to the overweight (127 kg), there were health problems and a whole bunch of complexes. Once I felt a desire to completely change my body. Proper nutrition, daily 10 km walks did the trick, and I gained self-confidence. The year of 2019 gave the opportunities to meet new people and reliable friends.

Yanina, Correspondent, the MediaBrest Information Portal

– The year of 2019 was remembered by events that were important in my life – marriage, graduation from a magistracy and starting a new job. This year, it was also extremely unusual for me not to do homework and not to pass tests and exams; I was so used to studying!

Akmuhammet, Journalist, Department Editor, “Diyar” magazine:

– For me, this year was of special significance. I took part in many major events held in our country. One of the brightest impressions of the year is that on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, for the first time, I visited the Brest Hero Fortress. This year has become fruitful in my profession as I published several articles, a series of essays about my compatriots, people of work. And, above all, I am grateful to our state for peace and order, for opportunity to our children to work and study without war and conflicts, taking into consideration the current situation in the world, when riots and chaos occur in different parts of the globe.

Marina, Archivist:

– This year was marked for me by a significant event – my daughter successfully graduated from the university, MA course – honors diploma. It proves that insistence and enormous hard work lead to good results.

Mikhail, Journalist:

– As for me, this year was rich for good changes, and therefore I can call it wonderful! The most important was the discharge from the army, where every minute you think about the long-awaited return home. There I gained life experience, became stronger and made real friends. To have all these, it was worth going there. Other memorable events were a job opportunity and moving from the house of my parents – it means that I did important step towards independence, which makes me feel very happy.