What neutrality gives to Turkmenistan

What neutrality gives to Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan will mark on December 12 the 24th anniversary of status of the neutral state. The expert-analyst in Turkmenistan Valery Chumakin told what gives to the country this political -legal status on the site CentralAsia.news.

In his opinion, this status gives to Ashgabat a number of dividends of political, economic and social character.

«The status, undoubtedly, creates for the country a positive image, as a state with predicted foreign policy. You should agree, it is convenient to have a neighbour of whom you are sure that it never will attack you. Besides, Ashgabat – a neutral platform for conduction of peace talks between the countries and the conflicting parties. A close interaction of Turkmenistan and the United Nations speaks, including, of these circumstances», – the expert considers.

In the economic blessings of neutrality for Turkmenistan Chumakin sees that the country does not need to spend fabulous means for military technology and weapon purchase. In his opinion, the country has the military doctrine of defensive character and consequently Ashgabat has a self-sufficient, compact national army the purpose of which – protection of the territorial integrity of the country.

Chumakin notes that the social blessings of neutrality are connected by that saving on military expenses; Turkmenistan can direct the lion’s share of budgetary funds to the development of social sphere. He also underlined that residents of Turkmenistan are not anxious for security as the Un General Assembly twice – on December 12, 1995 and June, 3, 2015 – supported the Turkmen neutrality.

What has been told by Valery Chumakin, it is possible to add that as a whole the expert community considers that in the contemporary history of Turkmenistan, obtaining of the status of neutrality is a greatest foreign policy victory of the country. It has allowed the state to avoid so-called bloc problems. That is, the neutral status does not allow Turkmenistan to join any military unions and alliances and also to place in its territory foreign military bases.