“We should learn more about our neighbors”

“We should learn more about our neighbors”

Participants of the discussion platform “Education and Science in the CIS”, which was held in the framework of the Ashgabat Forum of Creative and Scientific Intelligentsia of the CIS Member States, discussed ways of enhancing humanitarian dialogue in the Commonwealth space.

“We know many things about Western countries, while our knowledge about the CIS countries is limited,” Uldanay Bakhtikireyeva, Professor at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), said in her speech. “We should learn more about neighbor countries.”

Intercultural communication, first of all, means communication between peoples, which contributes to the creation and accumulation of values as well as to mutual enrichment of different cultures.

The countries of the post-Soviet space have much in common from the point of view of historical and historical-and-cultural heritage, including the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. At the era of globalization, it is important for each country not to lose its unique features and national specifics.

In order to further develop interaction and enhance cultural and educational integration within the CIS, it is necessary to study and teach at a high level the languages of these countries, popularize their culture, create and promote contacts between the higher educational institutions.

“Not to use the rich historical and archival heritage is practically a crime towards the future generations,” Alexander Levchenkov, representing the Russian State Humanitarian University, said.

Interstate universities as a symbiosis of cultures and educational systems are one of the examples of the dialogue of cultures. Intercultural dialogue is one of the directions in the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia. As Professor Uldanay Maksutovna told, there are dissertation papers for 3 Doctor, 4 Ph. and 5 Master Degrees were defended. Among the students, there were representatives of Turkmenistan who prepared scientific papers on the peculiarities of Turkmen carpet weaving, about Akhal-Teke horses, alabai etc.

The organization of various events that contribute to a closer acquaintance with the rich literature of each country in the CIS space was proposed. For example, proposals on holding the forums “Read Turkmenistan” or “Read Uzbekistan”.