Way of the warrior: strength, will and spirit of Kyokushinkai karate

Kyokushinkai karate is a special karate style founded by Masutatsu Oyama in the 50s of the 20th century. It is one of the toughest and most difficult varieties of martial art.

It teaches, like all martial arts of the East, not only self-defense. Kyokushin is a whole philosophical and ethical movement that educates a real warrior to learn the absolute Truth.

Despite external rigidity or even toughness of martial art, kyokushin karate attracts not only guys, but also girls who seek to cultivate strength of mind, gain strong-willed qualities, and become more confident in themselves. And to achieve all this, says the patriarch of the Kyokushinkai school, you need to know Yourself.

Stella Kazantseva is a world-class master of sports, world champion in tameshivari (breaking solid objects), two-time champion of Central Asia, silver medalist of the Commonwealth Cup, winner of the black belt of the 2nd dan and the most striking example of a fighter girl.

– I started karate when I was 16 because I was a shy girl. I then played the piano, and when they offended me once, I realized that I needed to learn how to protect myself,” says Stella. – Father was against my desire. He considered karate an unusual sport for girls. Mom barely persuaded him, and yet he allowed me to start classes.

Training hard, and then performing at competitions, getting rid of weaknesses step by step and overcoming psychological complexes generated by a distorted perception of self-awareness, the young karateka tasted the joy of her first victories. And, following the precepts of Masutatsu Oyama, who said: “Good results are only a moment. After each triumph, you need to conquer new heights,” continued to engage with even greater perseverance and zeal, walking along the endless Path (Do) leading to Perfection.

Participating in international training camps in the Kazakh city of Aktau, Kazantseva met a student and receiver of Masutatsu Oyama – Hatsuo Royama. After passing a school-seminar with the eminent Sensei teacher, she passed the exams for the black belt 1st dan and received a master’s degree.

Having reached heights in the field of sports, knowing herself and the world around her, Stella Kazantseva has lost the habit of stopping at what has been achieved. Today she is the sensei of countless students. Many students of Stella Mikhailovna have already matured. Inspired by the example of their teacher, they did not lose the life guidelines found in Kyokushinkai, but rather, stubbornly and clearly achieve their goals. Teaching children the basics of the basic karate technique and the philosophical and moral postulates of Masutatsu Oyama’s teachings, seeing how they grasp the material they’ve offered on the fly, Sensei is unlimitedly happy with the students’ successes.

– While you are training, you are a master. As soon as you stop, you are a beginner,” Stella quotes another commandment from the Kyokushinkai Karate School. – I like to train children, see their results, how they overcome difficulties. I teach them not just to win, but to win honestly, not only not to offend the weak, but to protect them, and not by muscle strength, but by strength of mind. If you are strong, do not choose a weak opponent, look for an equal to yourself and even a stronger one.

Stella Kazantseva is an incredibly positive person, she shares with her love for the sport with everyone around. Is it, afterall, not a joke – 25 years in the profession! She teaches to enjoy classes, helps students develop physical abilities, overcome psychological barriers.

The wisdom of a warrior is not to get involved in a fight, but to be able to avoid it – the battle that you escaped is considered to be won. And kyokushikai karate is not a blind aggression, but a whole science of the unity of the spiritual and the physical, dark and light.