Way not to get old was described

Way not to get old was described

Dr. Alexander Myasnikov called the only effective way to help the body not to age. To do this, you need to constantly learn something new. The acquisition of new knowledge stimulates the processes in the brain, and, therefore, in the whole body, which postpones the process of its aging for a long time.

The doctor himself, in the humorous form characteristic of him, demonstrated the method based on the example of learning foreign languages or performing a complex physical exercise in the television show “Doctor Myasnikov” on the Russia 1 TV Channel.

– I don’t understand how one can understand Chinese? How can you even read these hieroglyphs ?! I can admit the Arabic script, but this…, the doctor said inspiredly, opening the Chinese phrasebook.

Putting aside the phrasebook, Myasnikov eagerly began to do the balance exercise, lowering himself to the floor with the help of a vertically placed stick. The experiment failed – the doctor safely fell to the floor, but was not at all upset; after all, his main goal was to clearly demonstrate the benefits of everything new to avoid getting old.

It has long been proven that new knowledge, including a new type of professional activity, promotes the renewal of neurons, which has effect on the cells of the whole body. It is no coincidence that people who have changed their occupation, hobby, environment, place of residence transform outwardly, lose excess weight, become more active and even arrange their personal life.

– Create, try, and learn something new! Do not be afraid of changes, so as not to get old, Myasnikov called.