Water resources management in changing climate conditions is discussed in Ashgabat

Water resources management in changing climate conditions is discussed in Ashgabat

Ashgabat hosts a seminar on climate change and water resources management, organized by the Regional Environmental Center for Central Asia (CAREC) as part of the USAID projects Smart Waters and C5 + 1 Adaptation Project.

The purpose of the workshop is to introduce specialists in the water industry of Turkmenistan to the basic principles of adaptation planning and best practices in water resources management.

“Under our project, which focuses on the adaptation to climate change, we organize regional and national workshops. And the first such training is held in Turkmenistan”, Dr. Glen Anderson, the C5 + 1 Adaptation Project group head said.

Together with national experts and representatives of relevant ministries and institutions of Turkmenistan, the meeting participants discussed the approaches and positive experience of the Central Asian countries in tackling problems related to climate change, as well as considered climate risks and their impact on water resources.

– We will have to adapt to climate change, as it will take a long time to slow down this process. Many factors are already beginning to emerge such as, for example, the temperature increase, drought, etc. Almost every year the temperature around the world sets new records. The challenges faced by Turkmenistan include the fight against high temperatures, both from human and agricultural points of view. To cope with the elevated temperatures large amounts of water are needed, which has to be used efficiently due to the high demand. Agriculture should consider growing new varieties of crops that are resistant to high temperatures and require little water, Dr. Anderson emphasized.

According to the expert, today countries need better planning so that the public is as much as possible informed on climate change.