Watchmaker: take care of your time!

Watchmaker: take care of your time!

Time … It is perhaps the most precious thing in our lives. But have you ever thought about where time is running out to, why we forget about its importance in the bustle of everyday troubles? Who else but the watchmaker – a man who dedicated his life to working with them, can help to find answers to these questions.

– From the first minutes of his birth, a person is faced with time – it is indicated on the tag of a newborn, – says watchmaker from Ashgabat Valery Tumbashyan. – Even having grown up, the first thing we do when we wake up in the morning – look at the clock to be on time at work, school, or somewhere else.

Time is a movement forward to new heights. And in order for our life runs on time, it is important to observe its accuracy.

– We try the time on the clock to be precisely adjusted. To do this, we synchronize it to certain sites. There are people who come once a week with a request to set the correct time. This means that it is important for them to be punctual, – shares the master.

A watch is a complex mechanism that includes a large number of tiny details. Therefore, in order to become an experienced master of watchmaking, you need to know their structure well and, most importantly, love this occupation, which is often inherited.

So Valery’s father – Vasily Vartanovich – whom he works with in a small cozy studio, has devoted more than 50 years to this work.

You could say that he became one of the first teachers in this field. To the present time, his graduates work as masters in different parts of the country. Vasily Vartanovich can tell a lot about all types of watches in general – fire, atomic, water, solar, quartz, etc.

“For me, the greatest joy is when people are satisfied with the work I have done,” says the master.

Valery was a kind of “distracter” for his father, when he worked all day long – the boy constantly gave issues exercising.

– As a child, whether I knew the time or not, I always enjoyed to wear a watch. I remember being over the moon when I did my first job – fixing an alarm clock. Looking at this clock, the owner would remember the master who once restored it. It is not so easy to assemble the mechanism back after its analysis, – admits Valery. (Coincidentally or not, today he wears the “Orient” watch)

According to him, it is possible to fix a clock of any complexity – it’s only a question of time. In cases when there is no repair piece, it is made an order abroad – Russia, the UAE and other countries.

– It is important for us not only to repair the watch qualitatively, but to do it on time. Why should he orient the time by a mobile phone when he has his own wristwatch, says he. (For a reason Valery’s workshop is called “Exact time”).

Despite many years’ experience, the father and son do not stop learning, because new models of watches appear on the world market.

Here is how seemingly simple but a very complex mechanism called “watches” became the family business of Tumbashyan dynasty. The younger generation is growing up, which will continue the business. After all, time zips along …