Voting for the “Most Creative Mask” is open

Voting for the “Most Creative Mask” is open

Hurry up to choose the winners of the “Most Creative Mask” competition, which was launched by the Yenme public organization with the support from the British Embassy in Turkmenistan in November. Online voting will last until 18:00 on December 18.

The competition is attended by about 70 people who demonstrated creativity and ingenuity. The Audience Choice Award has been also established.

The winners will be awarded on December 19.

Since November this year, Yenme, jointly with the British diplomatic mission in Turkmenistan, has been carrying out the Viral Infections Prevention project.

As part of this initiative, awareness of the population is being raised in the prevention of viral infections, strengthening immunity, and compliance with the rules of a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, individual masks were provided as part of the project to children with disabilities, large families and the elderly. It is important that all these masks were made at the training center of the Yenme public organization.