Voices of the future: the children’s song contest final round was held in Ashgabat

Voices of the future: the children’s song contest final round was held in Ashgabat

When adults give way on the stage to children, something magical happens. Today the veracity of this idea was once again proved in Ashgabat at the gala concert of the Garaşsyzlygyň merjen däneleri (Pearls of Independence) contest for gifted children.

“Resounding success” is the only term to define the creative contest for young vocalists. Among more than a thousand participants from all regions of the country only 16 finalists had the honor to perform on one of the largest stages of the capital at the Mukams Palace of State Cultural Center. Behind the scenes, they were met and encouraged by the children’s favorite comedian Ashir Dade.

Perhaps these young starters will soon turn into big stars in the horizon of the Turkmen and world music industry.

This year, the kids have created an amazing programme, synthesizing folk singing traditions with modern trends in vocals. The songs that were performed on the stage included canonical Döwletli zaman geldi (The era of prosperity has come), Jan enem (Dear Grandma), Bagşy men (I am a musician), and very fiery Pyýala (Bowl), Geliň, tans edeliň (Come on, dance), Çapyksuwaryň aýdymy (Song of the Rider), intended for the modern stage.

The concert guests were not only serious adults. The main seats in the hall were designated for children who had much fun and cheered their peers coming on stage. They were especially pleased with the “tasty” performance of Shamuhammet Baltayev, who performed the song Ýaş aşpez (Cookee), in which the young singer declared his love for traditional dishes of Turkmen cuisine, particularly the ishlekli meat pie.

The song Türkmen sährasy (Turkmen Desert) performed by Babagurban Hoshgeldiyev impressed children. This young singer very subtly felt the mood and music created by Nury Halmammedov. This song was the calling card of People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Atageldy Garyagdiyev. The baritone seems to have a worthy successor.

An equally pleasant gift was the performance by Shanurym Rejepov of Dovran’s Song from the movie The Adventures of Dovran. Many kids were surprised to see a cut about the adventures of a Turkmen boy who understood the language of animals, and asked teachers to show them the full version.

For many years now, the festival unites gifted children from all over the country, presenting to the experienced jury amazing musical compositions, and nice in their sincerity performers. It was not easy for the jury members to choose the best. And spectators just agreed that the number of prizes were not enough.

And even if the contest is for children, the emotions – the joy of victory and the bitterness of defeat – are real as among adults. It was not easy to see how the participants who did not receive prizes were feeling sorry. But for them also there were commemorative gifts and the organizers’ parting words: “Do not give up!”

And the six winners: Hommat Hudaynazarov (Akhal region), Myahriban Annaeva (Balkan region), Serdarmurad Abakov (Ashgabat), Eziz Taganov (Dashoguz region), Shamuhammet Baltayev (Lebap region) and Didar Ashirberdiyev (Mary region) were shining with joy. They were awarded on behalf of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov commendations and laptops that will become reliable assistants for them in the study and reaching new heights in art.

The gala concert of the contest for gifted children was the first festive occasion towards the Independence Day on September 27. Ahead is the final round of the competition for the award Altyn Asyr (Golden Age), a whole number of concerts by pop stars and folk artists.

These are to be followed by the preparations for contests of next year. There is no limit to perfection!