Vogue Italia refuses to use photos and “turns green”

Vogue Italia refuses to use photos and “turns green”

The January issue of the Italian version of the magazine came out with illustrations instead of photos of models. By that publishers decided to reduce a negative influence of the company on the environment, as Euronews informs.

Ambar Cristal Zarzuela was depicted there crying. Over her the mosquito which got to Europe from tropics goes round her. It is a symbol of global warming in the style of Vogue.

«It concerns the intellectual honesty, – Emanuele Farneti, editor-in-chief the Vogue Italia points out. It is a small, but courageous step forward. Photo is one of our bases. But we openly state that we are ready to refuse it. And readers hear us. Judging by responses, they understand and make the given decision. Certainly, today to speak about climatic crisis is fashionably, especially in our sector. Someone trusts in what states, someone plays hypocrite. But it seems to me, not only Italian, but also international brands have already realized that to ignore the environmental issue will not be possible. The fashion industry is one of the most polluting one in the world».

As he said, one photo session is about twenty flights, tens of cars and no economy of electric power. The money the Vogue has saved now will be sent to restoration of Venice which has suffered from the flooding in November, 2019.

Earlier editors of all 26 editions of the magazine stated their intention to defend the principle of solicitous attitude to the planet.

Vogue (in French –   “fashion”) – the female fashion magazine, published since 1892.