Victories of Turkmen hockey players: persuasive, but not surprising

Victories of Turkmen hockey players: persuasive, but not surprising

Alexander BAYRIEV

So, the hockey team of Turkmenistan, acting in Sarajevo in the qualifying tournament as much as the third division of the World Cup, has the last and most difficult rival – Bosnia and Herzegovina. Prior to that, the Turkmen sportsmen scored two more than convincing victories over the frankly weak rivals – the UAE and Kuwait.

Climatic changes, according to forecasts of weather forecasters, are daunting, but, glory to God, their globally catastrophic consequences have not yet come. So any resident of either country, who never before left left the territory of the Arabian Peninsula, saw snow only on the TV screen.

True, in the United Emirates and Kuwait with pomposity peculiar to the Middle East peoples, ice palaces were built, and in some supermarkets, to attract more visitors, there were equipped playgrounds where strangely dressed people with sticks chase a black thing. So hockey among the Arabs is in the status of rather outlandish fun, rather than a nationally-loved sport.

Therefore, the convincing victories of Turkmen hockey players over rivals from the Arabian Peninsula are not surprising. However, our team, performing at this level for the first time, were so psychologically frustrated that they could not get into the gates of the Emirates for the whole first 20 minutes. In the break, the coach of the Turkmen national team managed to bring his charges on the real level of the rivals to the attention of the players. The results of such a heartfelt conversation were four unanswered goals in the UAE team’s goal.

For the second game, the Turkmen team did not roll out on the ice, but flew winged, winning the unfortunate Kuwaiti hockey players with a basketball score of 24: 2.

Now on the queue are the hosts of the ice, where the qualification tournament of the third division of the World Championship is taking place. The opponent is serious enough for us.

Bosnia and Herzegovina – the former part of the former Yugoslavia, where the people adored playing sports, and football and basketball players were carried on their hands being national heroes. The war of the 90s destroyed the state and divided the peoples. But there is no doubt that in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosniacs-Serbs, Bosniacs-Croats, and Bosniacs – Muslim (these are the so-called Bosniacs-ethnic Serbs and Croats who converted to Islam in olden times) will come to support Sarajevo.

So for the Turkmen national team the match with the Bosnians will be times more difficult than with the Arabs. And which gate will see the puck more often – only Allah knows …