Vegetables from Central Asia – for Ukrainian borsch

Vegetables from Central Asia – for Ukrainian borsch

In April 2019, Ukraine doubled imports of the “borsch set” ingredients. During the year, in Ukraine, the import of vegetables increased 5 times, according to Info-Shuvar news agency.

According to experts of the Ukrainian fruit and vegetable market, the growth of vegetable imports is due to a drop in the domestic production and low yields not only in Ukraine, but also in several neighboring countries. That is why the volume of imports of “borsch set” from the countries of Central Asia, which were not previously among the main suppliers of these products for Ukraine, increased.

The situation was complicated by the fact that the decline in production was recorded in most European countries, and imports were quite expensive due to high logistics costs.

The import of onion was the leader in the “borsch set”. In February, Ukraine imported 26.4 thousand tons of onions, and then in April, it was imported another 15.5 thousand tons. Central Asia, famous for its vegetables, was the main supplier of onions.

It is a good example of the globalization of world trade. Vegetables for Ukrainian borsch are grown in Central Asia. At the same time, rice, for the most Central Asian dish – plov, is also imported to the markets of the region from various countries.

However, honesty saying, in Turkmenistan, the most delicious plov is cooked from local rice grown in Dashoguz province, the north region of the country. And even the globalization of world trade can do nothing with this.