Uzbek business to buy Turkmen glass for automotive industry

Uzbek business to buy Turkmen glass for automotive industry

Turkmenexport entered into a tripartite contract for the supply of glass to the Uzbek company from Turkmen aina onumleri for the production of windshield. In the future, the Zarrux Avto Oyna JV from the Samarkand region intends to establish its stable purchases.

Uzbekistan is the second country in the CIS in terms of the automotive industry after Russia and intends to actively develop the industry, bringing the number of cars produced to 230 thousand per year. At the same time, the key glass producer in Uzbekistan satisfies only 20% of the demand for glass products in the country.

The Turkmen Aina Onumleri plant, which opened in 2018 in Turkmenistan, is the largest in Central Asia. Its capacity allows the company to steadily increase exports of high-quality glass. The state enterprise TurkmenExport, which since 2012 has been one of the effective mechanisms for the export of Turkmen products and foreign imports to Turkmenistan, can always act as a mediator in the matter of its deliveries.

The state enterprise Turkmenexport allows Turkmen enterprises of any form of ownership to sell products abroad, bypassing the State Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange of Turkmenistan, acting as a commissioner (trade intermediary). For such a service, the state enterprise requires only 1% of the total amount of the contract, in return guaranteeing the success of the transaction, both for the seller and the buyer.

Having its own cross-border outlets and branches abroad, Turkmenexport can take on the sale of goods of any Turkmen producers. The company is also engaged in the promotion of domestic goods abroad, advertising and disseminating information about them accumulated over the years customer base and publishing on the official website.