US troops in Afghanistan want to protect TAPI?

US troops in Afghanistan want to protect TAPI?

The Military Review website, citing the Pakistani television channel, claims that one of the reasons for the United States refusing to withdraw its contingent from Afghanistan is the desire to gain control over the gas pipeline is going to be built along the route Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI). As if the American command declares its readiness to guard the facilities both during the construction of TAPI and at the first stage of its work in Afghanistan.

And reports that the Asian press suggested that it was this issue that was discussed at a relatively recent meeting of US representatives with the Taliban. The channel notes that the Taliban have made it clear that they will not interfere with the construction of a gas pipeline in Afghanistan.

All mass media have their own sources of information, including unofficial ones, and their own experts, who analyze the situation and give forecasts. Without going into details of the preparation of such messages, let us try to reflect on what is known in terms of the construction of TAPI and the opinion of Washington regarding this project.

All US officials who have spoken publicly on this issue have always expressed their support for the TAPI project. In their opinion, TAPI should have a stabilizing effect on the political and socio-economic situation in Central and South Asia. At the same time, American politicians stated that they are not planning to secure the TAPI gas pipeline or to finance its construction.

As for the claim that the US will remain in Afghanistan to control the TAPI, it seems unlikely. Washington is unlikely to want to continue the war in Afghanistan only in order to control the gas pipeline, in the construction of which American funds are not invested.

Washington is well aware that the successful implementation of the TAPI project, especially for the construction of the Afghan section of the gas pipeline, requires peace in Afghanistan. And for this there us a need in negotiations, first of all, between the Taliban with the United States and the government in Kabul. If there is no peace, then there will be nothing to control.

As for the statement of that the Taliban will not hinder the construction of a gas pipeline in Afghanistan, this sounds more like the truth. Heat and light do not contradict the norms of Islam and significantly improve the lives of Afghans, the Taliban perfectly understand this.

No one thinks about why the infrastructure providing the entire northern Afghanistan with Turkmen electricity is not being attacked. The reason is simple, no one wants to cut the branch on which he sits.

They say that the Taliban cannot be defeated, because they are supported by the people. And if the Taliban deprive the people of electricity, the people can deprive them of their support. I see no reason why the security of gas networks cannot be solved in the same way. The main thing in the Afghan situation is to establish peace. Or, at least to not interfere with its establishment.