US Senators are ready to declare victory in Afghanistan and return the soldiers home

US Senators are ready to declare victory in Afghanistan and return the soldiers home

US Senators Rand Paul and Tom Yudall submitted a bill to end the war in Afghanistan and to return the soldiers home.

If the bill called AFGHAN – American Forces Going Home After Noble – get a vote, the United States would declare victory in Afghanistan, as well as pay within one year a $ 2500 bonus to all servicemen who participated in “terrorism global war”. Also, the document would require the Secretary of Defense, within 45 days of the bill’s passage, to come up with a plan to pull all U.S. military forces out of Afghanistan within a year. Earlier, the media reported that all US troops could leave Afghanistan in the next three to five years in accordance with the new Pentagon plan, which was proposed during the peace talks. It means that if this bill is adopted, the United States would have to complete negotiations on the settlement of the situation in Afghanistan in a “hurricane” pace. Or, this part of the work should be entrusted to the Afghans themselves. There is no other option.

Despite the fact that the sum of “victory bonuses” to be paid to the military personnel is relatively small, a total $7 billion would be paid to the participants, who have fought in the war on terror. Pentagon financial staff might be only satisfied by the fact that it will be the last expenditure on the war in Afghanistan, which has already cost the United States $ 2 trillion and 2,300 lives of servicemen during 13 years of the Afghan campaign.

In any case, this bill testifies about certain pacifist attitudes toward Afghanistan that prevail in American society. Especially, in the American establishment. It means everyone is tired of the Afghan war, both Afghan people, who suffers from a long war, and even the American establishment, who far away for many thousands of kilometers from the war zone, and incurs, as a rule, no financial loss.

In general, if the United States leaves Afghanistan, most likely, the UN, the countries-neighbors in the region and international humanitarian organizations will be authorized to resolve the situation in the country. Then normalization process in Afghanistan can go at a faster pace, because there are no fundamental, worldview contradictions between the neighboring nations and the Afghan people. The main thing is that the Afghan issue does not become hostage to the local political situation in the United States itself.