“Upgrade” of the ancient Turkmen art of carpet-making conquers Europe

“Upgrade” of the ancient Turkmen art of carpet-making conquers Europe

A concert of the Turkmen-Austrian Symphony Orchestra “Galkynysh” conducted by Wolfgang Harrer was held in Ashgabat with great success.

On the eve of the creative holiday it was presented an elite brand of carpets and carpet products “HALYCA” for the guests.

ORIENT spoke with company founder, entrepreneur from Germany Cambis Gesseljay, who told about the features of the brand, its history, and many other things.

– Despite the fact that I live in Germany, I came from Turkmenistan, so I am very close to the culture of my country. And carpets, as you know, are an integral part of it, Cambis said. – The potential of Turkmen carpets abroad is very large, as they are considered to be the best in the carpet world.

“HALYCA” creates innovative products with individual design, using ancient ornaments and gels. After all, at present in Europe and, in general, in international markets, besides classic carpets, carpets of new design are also gaining popularity. The assortment of the brand includes double-sided carpets, carpet bags and various accessories. All of them are clever, in accordance with all the requirements of the luxury brand.

For example, the handles of bags are made of silver and gold, as jewelry made of these metals has long been popular among Turkmen women.

The original decoration of any interior will be double-sided carpets, which are hung on a special mobile structure – “Paravan”. The device may be an important element of zoning space – will divide the room into functional parts and become an amazing decorative element of the interior. The Paravan also has built-in lamps that will illuminate the carpet from different angles, turning it to a real museum exhibit.

Cambis and his team also studied the production of 3D carpets. Now they’re doing portraits with the use of this technology.

“HALYCA” collections are produced in limited quantity, but the manufacturer is responsible for the quality of goods. After all, carpets are woven in Turkmenistan.

Cambis had a special attitude toward carpets since childhood. His mother was a carpet-maker, so in their house, even at night, it could be heard the sound of darak –the tool of mistress-weavers, creating true masterpieces by the painstaking work.

And he began to study this art seriously a few years ago, when he came to Ashgabat for the annual Turkmen Carpet Festival. And then Cambis decided that he would be engaged in carpets, although at that time he was engaged in a completely different industry – he owned a company specializing in the construction of facilities for agriculture.

Upon his return to Germany, the businessman worked with his team for three years to develop a business model for the future project, taking into account the needs of the modern market. Step by step, they created the brand “HALYCA” with the slogan “The time knotter”.

In future, they plan to expand the range of their products – to make carpets for cars, yachts and airplanes.

– Carpets are not only a utilitarian, very practical household item – it is an exclusive interior decoration, – Cambis emphasized, adding – Therefore, Turkmen carpets can be found in the most respectable houses, Palace apartments and modern status institutions.

He is also intentioned to present his brand at major international exhibitions, as well as to open stores in large shopping centers in Europe – Dusseldorf, Paris, Berlin. The possibility of opening a boutique in Turkmenistan is left open.

Quite soon, the online store and online configurator “HALYCA” will be launched, through which customers from different parts of the world will be able to create a carpet design themselves: choose the ornament, color, size, location of symbols to their liking. The received order is carried out by the enterprise, and the completed goods are already delivered in the original design – branded covers, fixed with a belt and a medallion. A wax-sealed letter of gratitude to a buyer is sent together with the purchase.

– This activity gives me particular pleasure, Cambis admitted, – Perhaps that is why I give my best shot into it.