UNICEF plans to transport large-scale quantities of COVID-19 vaccines

UNICEF plans to transport large-scale quantities of COVID-19 vaccines

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) plans to transport up to 850 tons of COVID-19 vaccine per month next year.

It abundantly doubles the average weight of vaccines that UNICEF transports each month.

“This is a grand and historic undertaking,” said Henrietta Faure, Executive Director of UNICEF. “The task scale is huge, and the stakes have never been so high, but we are ready to take it up”.

The UNICEF assessment considered global air travel opportunities and transport routes to better understand the challenges of delivering COVID -19 vaccines in 2021. It was found that airlines will be able to deliver vaccines to almost 92 low-income countries that participate in the COVAX program.

One of the main problems when working with the COVID-19 vaccine is the availability of storage facilities. In this regard, UNICEF, WHO and the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) have developed a supply and logistics manual to help countries develop their supply chain strategies for storing and distributing COVID-19 vaccines and related products. Taken into account the storage temperature range, countries will continue to train health professionals on how to maintain the correct storage temperature for the coronavirus vaccine.

UNICEF, WHO and GAVI are also working to help countries prepare and develop national plans for the deployment and implementation of vaccination programs.