UNICEF organised a briefing for mass-media

UNICEF organised a briefing for mass-media

Effective ways of development of key messages on pandemic prevention were discussed during the next briefing for representatives of the mass-media, organized by UNICEF representation in Turkmenistan jointly with WHO country office.

Participants familiarised with the advanced world practice on informing the public on prevention of the pandemic, a key role of youth in struggle against misinformation, discussed development of a special directory in this area.

– Preventive measures still are our key protection against the virus. Even with the beginning of introduction of vaccines, wearing of masks, observance of distance and washing of hands remain same important, as well as in the beginning of past year’s outbreak of the pandemic. And the purpose of today’s briefing – to share with you the new information on how to involve young men and parents, and how to struggle with misinformation, – noted by the representative of UNICEF in Turkmenistan Christine Weigand, having expressed readiness for realisation of several initiatives with participation of new national partners and partner agencies of the United Nations working in Turkmenistan.

The youth may be an important resource for decrease of risks and informing the population in the proceeding crisis. Thereupon, it is important to give the information corresponding to age on the virus and concrete instructions on how to prevent its spread, to strengthen potential of the youth organisations for their effective and safe interaction, and also to support the youth in efforts on informing on risks of the disease.

This generation of youth is to a greater degree connected with each other by technologies, mass media and the Internet, that is possession of modern technologies will have a great value for informing and support each other. The youth can play a major role in distribution of the exact information about COVID-19 and information interchange support about minimisation of risks.

In April past year the Secretary General of the United Nations announced the beginning of work of the initiative directed to counteraction of distribution of misinformation. At the session of the World Health Assembly member states of WHO accepted the resolution in which it is noted that the solution of the problem of infordemy is an important part to fight the pandemic COVID-19.