UNESCO: neutrality is a dialogue between peoples and cultures

UNESCO: neutrality is a dialogue between peoples and cultures

«Turkmenistan, having proclaimed its Neutrality, opened a new chapter in its history, which is rich in dialogue between peoples and cultures, and being part of the common roots of humanity », – said UNESCO Director General Audrey Azulay, speaking at the online forum devoted to the 25th anniversary of Turkmen neutrality.

– This history is connected with such wonderful names, as Marv, Nisa and Kunyaurgench, and also with other objects of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is reflected in the live heritage of the countries consisting of traditions and know-how. Its symbol is traditional Turkmen carpet making which last year was included in the Representative List of Intangible cultural heritage of mankind.

Audrey Azulay noted that Turkmenistan’s Neutrality is a continuation of this story, since this commitment to peace for the country and for the region is far from being aloof or solitary.

– In fact, it reflects a strong openness to the world. After all proclaiming its neutrality, the states refuse conflicts to allow to divide the community of nations, – underlined the UNESCO general director.

Addressing participants of the online forum, Azulay urged to celebrate adherence to these principles as Turkmenistan, and all neutral states – «they work over creation of culture of the world based on solidarity, mutual trust and dialogue».

– As the current global crisis reminds, in our very interconnected and interdependent world the decision cannot be accepted without consolidation of joint efforts or to the detriment of another. This crisis has highlighted historical issues which the mankind now faces, – from climate change and destruction of biodiversity to technological shocks and necessity of maintenance of quality education for all.

To answer them, it is necessary to use a platform for dialogue and the actions, created by the United Nations system. And to imagine a shared world, we need dedicated member states to build it, underlined Audrey Azulay.

– Therefore, UNESCO supports aspiration of Turkmenistan to peace and confirms this adherence at the present celebration, – she said.