UN launches campaign for children to fight climate change

UN launches campaign for children to fight climate change

Eight new animated characters – “climate action superheroes” – have been recruited by the United Nations in a new campaign. It will be launched on UN social networks and aims to mobilize children under 12, energizing their movement towards resilience by 2030.

“We want children to be aware of what they can change with their daily activities. We hope that providing knowledge and tools to help build a more sustainable future will have a lasting impact,” said Nanette Brown, spokeswoman for the United Nations Department of Global Communications.

Empowering children to be leaders for change and to have faith in the impact they can have on the planet is critical. Climate Change Superheroes strive to educate and engage children in how to help limit global warming and care for the environment. Each of the superheroes – an energy expert, recycling expert, an environmental guide, and more – has downloadable content, including tasks for a child to complete with the help of an adult. They will engage children and their parents in exciting missions on topics such as reducing disposable plastic, saving energy and saving water.

Take Fashion Fixer, for example. The character shows how to be stylish and not wasteful while giving things new life.

Climate Action Superheroes are Part of Ongoing UN ActNow Campaign Calling for Individual Action for Sustainable Development.