Turkmenistan will host Startup Weekend

Turkmenistan will host Startup Weekend

A series of start-up weekends, organized in an online format for young and enterprising entrepreneurs in Central Asia under the auspices of the USAID Project for the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Business Environment, will be held from March 15 to 17, 2021.

For the first time, the event was organized in Turkmenistan by the Orlan IE and the MOST business incubator from Kazakhstan. Within the forum framework, aspiring entrepreneurs will be able to develop a business plan for a project, a prototype of a future product or service, and thus launch a startup in 54 hours.

The weekend includes consultations of international experts, speakers’ recommendations and experts’ advices on how to choose and implement an idea and form a team of like-minded people. The finalists will have the opportunity to participate in the Central Asian startup weekend. Participation in the forum is free of charge.

Those who would like to gain experience in working out a business project in two days, people who have ideas on how to make things more convenient not only for themselves, but also for others, and most importantly – those who are interested in self-improvement and personal growth, can become the project participant.

For participation in the forum, it is necessary to register by reference.

For more information about the event, please call: +99363 597990, +99363 596293, +99312 964986.