Turkmenistan travel agencies develop cooperation with Turkish colleagues

Turkmenistan travel agencies develop cooperation with Turkish colleagues

The Turkmen travel agencies DN Tours and Guneshli Syahat, which participated in the info tour of Turkey, are planning to develop cooperation in the field of winter tourism.

During a trip to Kars and Erzurum, the delegation of Turkmenistan got acquainted with the possibilities of winter tourism. Representatives of the tourism sector and the media were taken to historic sites, winter sports facilities and recreational areas to show that Turkey is not only a country for summer holidays.

Magnificent snow-covered forests, ski slopes, tourist infrastructure and service impressed the people of Turkmenistan. Winter tourism has interested them with the opportunity to spend their holidays actively and learn something new.

– Passive rest on the coast of the warm sea is already out of fashion. Tourists are not interested to lie on the beach and just sunbathe. I want to learn something new, do something unusual. And for this cold – not a hindrance. So we learned to stand and even ski in Turkey. And everyone can do it! – members of the delegation share their impressions.

More and more travelers prefer to go to exotic countries and get acquainted with a culture unlike their own. Turkmenistan has a special interest among lovers of everything new. The country, located in the heart of the Silk Road, attracts tourists from all over the world – they, like moths, fly to the “Flame of the Karakum”, get acquainted with the amazing historical monuments of the country Margush, the grandiose Nisa, ancient Merv.

– Turkmenistanis mainly travel to Europe or warm countries. Few people are familiar with winter tourism yet, ”says Garyagdy Garayev, CEO of DN Tours. – After the summer season, we will think about this direction.

Curiosity is the driving force of progress, and rest in the snows and “winter fun” – skiing, snowmobiles, snowboards, tasting warming high-calorie food cooked right on the fire, and seeing winter landscapes in general – have caused genuine curiosity among the residents of Turkmenistan.

So by the next year the number of skiers and snowboarders in warm Turkmenistan, where snow in winter is rare, may increase. Hospitable Turkish hoteliers are only too happy to receive guests from the brotherly country and show them all the magic of winter Turkey. To this end, a visit of the Turkish delegation to Turkmenistan is scheduled for March, as part of which Turkmen tour operators will be able to learn all about the services of Turkish hotels.