Turkmenistan to send observers to presidential elections in Kazakhstan

Turkmenistan to send observers to presidential elections in Kazakhstan

The Turkmen delegation consisting of observers from the CIS Mission will monitor the progress of the extraordinary presidential elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan, which are scheduled for June 9. Seven people nominated by political parties and public associations claim the main post of the country.

As the first deputy executive secretary of the CIS, Viktor Guminsky, said at a meeting of the Central Election Commission of the Republic, the Mission has already begun its work.

“The headquarters of the mission has been created, and today we are working on its preparation for fulfilling the functional duties of monitoring the preparation and conduct of the presidential elections in Kazakhstan,” said Guminsky.

The CIS mission will be led by the Chairman of the Executive Committee – Executive Secretary of the Commonwealth, Sergey Lebedev.

As of today, about 90 representatives of the CIS countries, in particular Turkmenistan, Russia, Belarus and Tajikistan, applied for accreditation. It is expected that the number of observers in the Mission from the CIS will increase to 300 people who will be from all countries of the Commonwealth and various organizations.

“We will constantly receive information from them about possible complaints and violations,” said Viktor Guminsky. – The principle of the Mission’s work differs the CIS from other missions – we do not base ourselves on the fact that somewhere someone said something, but on what we saw.

At the end of the presidential election, the Mission will prepare a final statement in which it will present its assessment of their conduct.

In February 2019, representatives of the CEC of Turkmenistan also participated in the CIS Observation Mission at the elections of deputies to the parliament in the Republic of Moldova.