Turkmenistan to expand areas under vegetable crops

Turkmenistan to expand areas under vegetable crops

Areas for growing potatoes, onions and other melons and gourds will be expanded in Turkmenistan in autumn. President Berdimuhamedov gave the corresponding instruction to Deputy Prime Minister Esenmurad Orazgeldiev, who oversees the agro-industrial complex.

The measure is designed to make the domestic agricultural market self-sufficient and independent of imports. This is also relevant in the light of restrictions on cargo transportation introduced worldwide to prevent the further spread of coronavirus infection COVID-19.

Berdimuhamedov instructed to provide for the cultivation of vegetable and melon products by both daikhan associations and private farms.

The Vice Prime Minister Shamuhammet Durdylyev, who oversees the industrial complex, the President instructed to increase the production of mineral fertilizers. They must fully meet the needs of agricultural producers to increase the yield of potatoes, onions and melons.