Turkmenistan takes the third place in money transfer to Belarus

Turkmenistan takes the third place in money transfer to Belarus

The National Bank of the republic of Belarus informed that Turkmenistan takes the third place by quantity of the remittances received from abroad, as informed by finance.tut.by.

The total sum of the transfers received from abroad in the second quarter of this year, has grown and made up 74 million 405, 7 thousand dollars. Most of all transfers Byelorussians receive from Russia, the USA and Turkmenistan.

As compared with the first quarter this sum has grown by 6 million 581,6 thousand dollars. Not only a total sum of the received transfers grew, but also the average sum of one transfer: from 243, 76 dollars in the first quarter to 269,37 dollars in the second.

Mostly all transfers has come to Belarus from Russia – 23,7 million dollars. The second place have occupied the USA (11,2 million dollars), the third – Turkmenistan (4,3 million).

From some countries of transfers on the contrary became less. For example, the sum of transfers from Uzbekistan has decreased from 1 million 162 thousand to 794 thousand dollars.

In the statistics of National Bank of the Republic of Belarus the transfers made through international systems Western Union, Unistream, Golden Crown , Money Gram, BLIZKO, Contact, Colibri, Faster, Ria Money Transfer are considered only.

Now Turkmen students are trained in all, without exception, regions of Belarus – their number makes up about 10 thousand persons.