Turkmenistan supported the action of the International geographical dictation

Turkmenistan supported the action of the International geographical dictation

From November 29 to December 6 the large scale educational action of the Russian Geographical Society (RGO) – the International geographical dictation is held. At the initiative of the president of the Russian Federation for the first time the dictation was written in 2015, and soon the action had expanded its geography. Today it is written in 108 countries, among which USA, the countries of Europe, Kazakhstan, Turkey and Turkmenistan.

In Ashkhabad by tradition the joint Turkmen-Russian secondary comprehensive school named after Alexander Pushkin became an internal platform for carrying out the geographical dictation. Sunday morning boys and little girls filled classes so that already traditional to answer questions of the annual dictation.

This year the action is held for the sixth time. Schoolboys share impressions with each other and in the majority note that questions are interesting and not so difficult.

Results of resident students will not be known soon. And here the one who has become interested in the action, wants to answer questions of tests and to receive instant result, can participate online. For this purpose it is necessary to enter the site of the Russian Geographical Society and for 45 minutes to answer 40 questions.

Among questions – 10 difficult and 30 simple. To change already chosen variants of answers it is impossible, so it is necessary to rely only on the knowledge, well or at least on intuition. Proceeding from average result which last year has made 25 right answers of 40 tasks, it is possible to draw a conclusion that participants of the dictation-2019 were familiar with the geography of Russia not bad.

The present dictation is accessible in 11 foreign languages, including English, Chinese, Turkish, Arabian and Hindi. Age restrictions are not provided.

The Russian Geographical Society this year marks the 175th anniversary. One of the oldest societies of the world, it was established in 1845 at the order of emperor Nikolay I. Expeditions of RGO have played the big role in development of Siberia, Far East, Middle and Central Asia. Thanks to members of the society authentic maps were made, the new lands were discovered, and the climate and meteorological features of unknown places were studied.

In 2015 for 170-year-anniversary members of RGO set out for the expedition on the route of the Great Silk Road which included 31 states. The Russian researchers passed by the way of the earliest explorers 40 thousand kilometres from Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan to Egypt, Croatia and Japan.

Photo by Aleksey GIMALITDINOV