Turkmenistan’s anti-tobacco policy is effective

Turkmenistan’s anti-tobacco policy is effective

Turkmenistan’s tobacco control policy is recognized by WHO as one of the most effective in the world. Following measures taken by the world leaders at the UN General Assembly in 2016 to implement the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), the country adopted a number of key decisions to make the nation healthier, contributing to a decrease in the number of smokers.

The prohibition of smoking in public places, as well as direct and indirect advertising of tobacco products, the increase in taxes and prices, including warnings on the packaging are not all the necessary measures taken to achieve such significant results.

An important role is played by the widespread awareness-raising concerning the harmful effects of smoking, the promotion of abandonment of addiction, and large-scale health monitoring. This is done by specialized medical rooms open at clinics and dispensaries in Ashgabat and regions of the country.

In the capital, they are represented in the Ynam Trust Center (tel. +99312 93-81-47), drug abuse clinic (tel. +99312 76-75-59), polyclinics No. 4 (tel. +99312 37-40-16) and No. 9 (tel. +99312 26-03-15). Their work is a primary examination of smokers and referral to specialized personnel for testing and further health checks.

If necessary, personnel prescribe the necessary treatment for the smoking consequences and always offer a plan to give up addiction, which can cause even greater harm to human health.

Employees of special medical offices regularly conduct lectures for young people in schools and universities, and participate in various anti-smoking campaigns.