Turkmenistan prepares for International year of peace and trust

Turkmenistan prepares for International year of peace and trust

Turkmenistan as the state with 25-year-old experience of a positive permanent neutrality considers it as priority task the statement in the world of culture of dialogue at the decision of arising issues and contradictions in the international relations, supports their civilised character based on norms of international law.

The country initiative about declaration of 2021 as international year of peace and trust which was supported by the world community became consecutive expression of this position. On September, 12 the past year, the UN General Assembly unanimously and with the co-authorship of 73 member states accepted the resolution on the announcement of 2021 as International year of peace and trust.

Difficult processes occurring in the modern world politics, expansion of conflict zones and the general geopolitical intensity reducing the level of trust and mutual understanding between the people, give still the big urgency to this initiative. After all for achievement of the goals of sustainable development is the vital atmosphere of universal peace and safety, constructive and mutually advantageous cooperation of states, their non-interference in internal affairs each other, the decision of arising disputes and problems by peaceful, political diplomatic way.

Such approach logically following from the neutral status, Turkmenistan defends in mutual relations with various states, during global discussions, through the foreign policy initiatives and concrete projects of international cooperation in energy, transport, water and humanitarian spheres.

Already Turkmenistan has taken the first step in the beginning of this year to practical realisation of the initiative. Making the speech at the January international forum «Turkmenistan and international organisations: cooperation for peace and development» in Ashkhabad, the head of the state informed that the country will develop and a number of proposals to mark International year of peace and trust with the maximum practical advantage for efforts on peace and safety maintenance will submit the United Nations.

The hope of close interaction with corresponding structures of the United Nations and other international organisations was thus expressed at formation of these proposals and their practical realisation.

The participants of the conference representing various international organizations accepted the message to the secretary general of the United Nations. In it, it was underlined that in 2021, International year of peace and trust represents a way of consolidation of efforts of the international community under the statement of culture of peace dialogue in relations between the states with a view of achievement of steady peace, solidarity and harmony.

In this connection, they urged the secretary general of the United Nations to support initiatives and actions within the limits of International year of peace and trust, and also to promote involving of member states, funds, programs and specialised establishments of the United Nations in activity on development and strengthening of culture of peace and trust, including by means of educational and information-educational activity.

It is possible to tell, as all actions which are held in Turkmenistan and its diplomatic missions abroad in connection with 25-year-old anniversary of neutrality of the country, is an original preparation for the International year of peace and trust as they actualize the value of neutrality as politicians of peace and safe future for mankind in public consciousness.

The International conference of high level «Policy of neutrality and its importance in maintenance of international peace, safety and sustainable development», devoted to celebrating of the International day of neutrality and 25th anniversary of the status of permanent neutrality of Turkmenistan becomes the culmination of these actions planned for December, 12, the current year.

On the eve of start of the International year of peace and trust she urged to confirm once again will of the people to association of efforts for achievement of the purposes of forthcoming year, to plan concrete steps for strengthening of culture of peace dialogue in relations of states, their mutual trust and constructive cooperation.

Turkmenistan declared competition in the best emblem of next year and prepares the program of actions for 2021 which will include a number of events of international level.

Ogulgozel Rejepova