Turkmenistan plans to enter the International Union of Skaters

Turkmenistan plans to enter the International Union of Skaters

Figure skating – the most beautiful winter sport. Observing easy sliding of the figure skater on a smooth surface of “winter” arena, hardly probable you reflect, this work – work of the ice dancer and gymnast simultaneously is how much difficult. Here faultless techniques of execution of techniques and graceful choreographic drawing, both sparkling virtuosity are also important. And all it – on “edge” of the blade of the skate, for the speed, on the verge of emotions and exact calculation …

The Ashgabat ice school opened at the Palace of Winter Sports in 2006, has trained many talented figure skaters. Children and little girls studied under the supervision of guest masters and local trainers. Now it is already adult people, students of Turkmen state institute of physical training and sports.

Now a new group for figure skating section is set up. Young trainer Aya Orakova has shared her experience:

– I started to train in 2006. I had a huge desire to act on ice, and I embodied my dream. With the group I took part in the Moscow festival on figure skating in 2013. Master classes with us were held by Irina Rodnina. Now I study for trainer and teach kids figure skating. For children especially attentive approach is necessary. Today I have classes for two six-year girls. They hardly can go on ice without someone’s support. But they, as well as me in due time, have a big desire to learn…

The first steps in development of this entertainment sport, as a rule, terminate in falling. And young figure skaters to begin to learn to fall so that to soften a blow on a firm surface. And then, having overcome fear and uncertainty, children join a technical aspect of art of dance on ice.

The gymnastics, general choreography, jumps and extension – the minimum training in figure skating lasts about 3 hours. Certainly, much depends on the spirit of pupils. Someone very quickly gets used to the skates, someone needs time.

The training method is based upon the principle «from simple to composite». Simple elements, such, as: «sleds» – sliding squatted, « egret» – sliding on one foot and many other things, are studied by beginners.

For today on ice several groups, basically girls train. For boys hockey, certainly, is more interesting. But for quite some time now there is a short-track speed skating group where guys can display themselves on par with girls.

– In 2015 we went for the first time to the Republic of Korea to represent Turkmenistan in the international competitions in short-track, – Sakina Gulamova tells. – I took second place, and, it appeared, it was good enough result for the team -debutant.

– I was qualified for the group only from the second attempt, and, it is considered that I have late started to go in for skating by age. But thanks to severity and discipline established in trainings, I learnt to keep on ice for three days. The skating – my inspiration, – Sakina Gulamova continues. – Perhaps, thanks to it, I have started to write verses.

In February, this year, in first winter international sports games «Children of Asia», held in Sakhalin where the national team of Turkmenistan took also part, the question on entry of the country into the International Skating Union (ISU) was brought up. Vice-president of ISU Alexander Lakernik, having approved the given offer, visited on a working visit to Ashgabat.

– In the spring, this year we carried out big work: referee courses, master classes and estimation of competitions. All our experts have received diplomas for improvement of professional skill. In October the ISU session in which the decision on entry of Turkmenistan into this organisation will be made is planned, – the representative of the Ministry of Sports and the Youth Policy of Turkmenistan Ayna Atdayeva tells.

This event should please all, after all each business should have a logical development. Figure skating – still a young sport for Turkmenistan, but its successful advancement gives excellent motivation for sportsmen and trainers not to stop on the reached.

Svetlana Mayak