Turkmenistan is in the ranking of the safest countries for travelers

Turkmenistan is in the ranking of the safest countries for travelers

Staying safe while traveling should be a priority no matter where a traveler is going. In order to assist them to be informed in this area, French travel insurance firm Insurly developed a methodology for its 2020 special ranking, dividing the popular tourist routes into 5 categories – from the safest “green” to “purple” ones.

Collating data on the frequency of natural disasters, the quality of healthcare systems, transport risks and levels of violent crime and terrorist threat, the travel insurance comparison website Insurly has established a ranking of the safest countries for travelers.

Turkmenistan took 60th place in the rating and joined the countries in “yellow group” – “low danger”, being higher than such popular tourist destinations as Egypt, Brazil, India, Turkey, and the Russian Federation. The group also includes such countries as the United Kingdom, USA, Canada, France, etc.

Central Asia today attracts tourists from all over the world. Ancient civilizations on the border of Europe and Asia impress with their wealth and uncharted knowledge, while modern infrastructure – with its comfort and the opportunity to feel “like in a fairy tale”.

Tourists are especially interested in visiting all five countries of the Central Asia located along the Great Silk Road routes as a one-tourist tour. Such tours open to travelers the cultural and historical diversity of the region and its significance for the whole world.

The list of the top safest countries for travelers includes Switzerland, Singapore and Norway. At that, the riskiest destinations for travelers are the African countries – Congo (179th place) and Sudan (180th place).