Turkmenistan is developing a new state program in the field of youth policy

Turkmenistan is developing a new state program in the field of youth policy

The Draft State Program in the field of state youth policy of Turkmenistan for 2021-2025 is based on the Law “On State Youth Policy” adopted in August 2013 and takes into account the instructions of the head of state, proposals of ministries, departments, administrations of regions and the city of Ashgabat, public organizations and political parties.

As in other countries of the world, the young generation of Turkmenistan is the main human resource for development, positive social changes and technological innovations. Today, young men and women are becoming leaders in encouraging a green and healthy lifestyle, protecting the environment, offering original use of new technologies, such as mobile devices and social networks, as well as building bridges that promote the development of an inclusive society.

Investing in young people and engaging them are the key to addressing many of the challenges to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. While young people are particularly vulnerable to the challenges of the current pandemic, the global community believes that young people will be one of the key elements of inclusive recovery during this Action Decade.

As UN Secretary-General Antonio Gutteres noted in his message on International Youth Day, “Peace, the dynamics of economic growth, social justice, tolerance – all of this and much more depends and will depend on the realization of the potential of young people”.

The new State Program in the field of youth policy of Turkmenistan will undoubtedly contribute to increasing the potential of the country’s youth in various fields – from public administration and development and science to environmental protection. The action plan for its implementation is aimed at implementing the state policy on comprehensive support for young people, providing broad opportunities for their education and employment, revealing creative and scientific potential, creating conditions for personal growth, and supporting young families. Special attention is traditionally paid to the physical and spiritual and moral education of the younger generation.

In this multifaceted work, Turkmenistan actively cooperates with international structures, primarily the UN system. Thus, the Institute of Young Ambassadors of the SDGs established in the country unites a pool of active youth leaders whose knowledge and activities are valuable for the sustainable development of Turkmenistan. Young SDG ambassadors serve as a pillar of government and society to energize all youth in ensuring the country’s sustainable development.

The annual working plans for cooperation for the final year include a number of projects related to youth, which are implemented by various UN agencies and national structures. These are projects such as “Improving Youth Access to Knowledge about Reproductive Health” and “Support to Strengthening the System and Mechanisms to Promote Gender Equality” between the Parliament of Turkmenistan and the United Nations Population Fund or “Improving Youth Access to Knowledge about Reproductive Health” between the Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan and the United Nations Population Fund.

Ogulgozel REJEPOVA