Turkmenistan in TOP 5 CIS countries with the greatest interest in the Russian language

Turkmenistan in TOP 5 CIS countries with the greatest interest in the Russian language

Experts conducted a study and calculated the Russian language stability index in post-soviet countries. Experts of the Pushkin State Institute of Russian Language took three parameters to discharge the index.

The first one is the Russian language in the state and public sphere. They took into account the status of the Russian language in the Constitution, the presence of Russian websites and versions of the official websites of higher state authorities and the availability of the Russian version of the portal of public services. Russian language in education is the second parameter: experts calculated the percentage of children in the country who study Russian. The third one is Russian language in scientific communication: what the share of publications in Russian is.

Turkmenistan entered the top 5 countries with the greatest interest in the Russian language, and Belarus became the leader.

Earlier, ORIENT news reported that CE Sociology and Analytics LLC with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation organized online courses for teachers of Turkmenistan and Armenia from December 16 to 29, 2020. The aim of the “Practical Aspects of Teaching Russian as a Foreign language” Programme is training, improvement of professional competencies of teachers of Russian language, study and use of innovative trends and technologies in their work.

More information about the advanced training program “Practical Aspects of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language”, you can receive by email online@rus.study. Applications for participation are accepted until December 15 on the website.

A Russian-speaking person coming to Turkmenistan will not feel the language barrier, as most indigenous people here are fluent in Russian. Turkmenistan recently welcomed and supported the decision to declare 2023 as the Year of the Russian Language as a Language of Interethnic Communication in the CIS.

Teachers from Turkmenistan have repeatedly been the winners of the Pushkin competition of teachers-specialists in Russian Philology. Teachers of Russian language and literature are trained at three universities – the Turkmen State University, the Turkmen National Institute of World Languages, and the State Pedagogical Institute. There is also a Joint Turkmen-Russian school named after A. S. Pushkin in Ashgabat.

The country publishes newspapers and magazines in Russian, including one of the central newspapers called Neutral Turkmenistan. There are also published departmental newspapers and magazines that have a Russian-language version.
News programs on local TV and radio channels, in addition to Turkmen, are in Russian and English. The “Turkmenistan” International TV Channel broadcasts its programs in 7 languages, including Russian. The State Publishing Service also publishes books and textbooks in Russian.

The State Russian Drama Theatre named after A. S. Pushkin, whose performances are usually sellout, is very popular among art amateur. Ashgabat Pushkin Theater holds touring in Russia. In fine, the Russian language is on firm ground in Turkmenistan!

Janmamed GULAMOV