Turkmenistan has reduced harmful emissions into the air by another 5.1%

Turkmenistan has reduced harmful emissions into the air by another 5.1%

The use of modern environmentally friendly and resource-saving technologies in the industrial production of Turkmenistan, as well as increased penalties in the field of ecology contribute to significant reduction in emission of harmful substances into the air from stationary sources of pollution. According to the State Statistics Comittee of the country, in January-June 2019, the emissions decreased by 5.1 percent compared to the same period in 2018.

Environmental protection is an integral part of the economic reforms in Turkmenistan, which, being an active participant in solving global environmental issues, has ratified a number of key UN environmental conventions.

As a part of the cooperation of the country with international organizations in this area, a number of regional and national environmental projects were implemented, including: in the field of water resources management and efficient use, fight against desertification, forest recreation, and conservation of biological diversity.

In the first half of 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection carried out 1,857 inspections at enterprises and organizations to comply with the requirements for the protection of water, land and atmospheric air. In addition, 10,238 motor and rail vehicles, as well as 33 units of marine vessels, were also inspected for compliance with the maximum permissible emission standards for harmful substances.

As a result of inspections, for revealed violations of environmental laws, administrative fines were imposed, which were almost fully collected.

Moreover, careful checks were carried out in state reserves, wildlife preserves and jurisdictional territories of the environmental protection departments in regions, and administrative fines on identified violators of environmental laws were also imposed.