Turkmenistan has increased its electricity exports by 1.5 times

Turkmenistan has increased its electricity exports by 1.5 times

For 8 months of this year, Turkmenistan increased the value of electricity exports by 151% compared to January-August 2019, according to the country’s State Statistics Committee. The physical volume of deliveries increased by 124%.

The growth in exports was a direct offshoot of the successful implementation of a number of well-thought-out infrastructure projects. They are aimed at increasing the production of electricity in Turkmenistan to 33 billion kW hours of energy per year.

First of all, this is the country’s first combined cycle electric generating plant, which was commissioned in 2018, built on the territory of the Mary HPP. It is designed to generate 1,574 megawatts of electricity per year, which significantly increased the potential of Turkmenistan as a reliable electricity supplier.

Currently, a similar type of power plant is being built in the Lebap region. Its capacity will be about 432 megawatts. Construction is being carried out by the Sumitomo Corporation Japanese company together with Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems and the Turkish Rönesans Holding.

According to the country’s State Statistics Committee, due to the commissioning of new electric power facilities, Turkmenistan increased electricity generation by 13.5% during 8 months of 2020 compared to January-August of last year.

At the same time, domestic electricity consumption is also growing, particularly at the expense of new production and processing plants that have been put into operation and are scheduled to open in the years coming. Their power supply is accounted for separately.

For example, two more gas turbine power plants will be built for new installations for deep processing of energy carriers that are being built at the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries.

Their capacity will be 70 MWh of electricity each. The existing power plant will also be reconstructed. The laying of new power units took place in early September with the participation of President Berdimuhamedov.