Turkmenistan has established a program for development of pre-school institutions

Turkmenistan has established a program for development of pre-school institutions

The Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan discussed new methods in the field of early development and improving the preparation of the child for school, which will create conditions for the accelerated acquisition of the school curriculum, as well as getting an education that meets international standards. For this purpose a program has been introduced to improve the activities of preschool institutions for 2020-2025. The event was attended by the Minister of Education, representatives and employees of the education and health care establishments. In addition, an exhibition was organized in the ministry’s building by preschool and school institutions of the country.

According to Minister of Education of Turkmenistan Mammadmurad Geldyniyazov, the main goals of the program are to modernize the activities of preschool educational institutions through the widespread introduction of innovative technologies, improve the quality of education, and ensure school readiness and comprehensive development of children. In addition, a certain importance is attached in achieving the set objective to the continuous improvement of the psychology, pedagogy and training methods.

Department Head of the of the National Institute of Education Ogulmaral Matalova spoke about the need to increase the number of pre-school training centers, as well as hobby circles in preschool educational institutions, as well as the current spcial priority of improving physical education programs for preschool children through national and active games.

During the event, the COVID-19 new type coronavirus pandemic theme was raised. Department Head of the Scientific and Clinical Center for Maternal and Child Health Sulgun Berdieva stressed the role of ongoing awareness-raising activities to reduce the risk of acute respiratory infection contamination, compliance with the recommended sanitary behavior and personal hygiene rules, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “Vaccination against infectious diseases among young children is very important”, she added. “It is also useful to train medical personnel, including pediatricians, child psychologists, physiotherapists, who play a huge role in children’s development”.

– The program for improving the activities of preschool institutions includes the proper nutrition of the child, Begenchmurad Jepbarov, Deputy Chairman of the Center for Public Health and Nutrition said. – After all, the nature of nutrition in early childhood has an effect on the further development and health state of the child throughout life.

For the successful implementation of the program for development of preschool institutions, a multilateral approach should be taken to promoting the early development of the child, as well as enriching experience and enhancing knowledge among the older generation.