Turkmenistan has a new mufti

Turkmenistan has a new mufti

A meeting of religious figures of Turkmenistan, representing all regions of the country, was held in Ashgabat today. By tradition, elders – honorable elders of the people – also take part in such events.

At the meeting, it was announced that, according to the principle of rotation, the new Mufti of Turkmenistan will be the main imam of Lebap Y. Khojagulyev. In this regard, shifts were made to the posts of chief imams of some regions.

But besides this, issues of dialogue between the clergy and society, strengthening moral values ​​in the modern social and information environment, and educational work among young people were discussed.

In Turkmenistan, religious organizations are separated from the state, but not from society and its cultural, spiritual life. The national education system is also secular. However, the traditions of honoring the elders, respect for the shrines of the people, their stories do not lie within the beliefs, but in the moral code of the Turkmen.

At the same time, the state guarantees the freedom of religions and belief, their equality before the law. Islam prevails in the country, but Orthodox churches, the Catholic community, etc. also operate freely.

The atmosphere of tolerance reigns in society – neighbors purely on a household level and friends of different nationalities celebrate Muslim, Christian holidays together, be it Kurban Bayram or Christmas, distribute treats for Norvuz and Easter, congratulate each other with them, without special division into confessions. Indeed, this is the original meaning of religion – and this word comes from the Latin “religare” – to connect and unite.

Among ORIENT’s good friends is Father Andrzej Madei, cultural attache of the Vatican Apostolic Nunciature. At the end of 2018, the ambassador of Turkmenistan was accredited for the first time in the Vatican. At the same time, plans were announced for the opening of the Vatican Embassy in Ashgabat.