Turkmenistan at the Olympics-80

Turkmenistan at the Olympics-80

In the summer of 1980, the grand opening of the XXII Summer Olympic Games took place in Moscow. The capital of Russia gathered hundreds of thousands of guests across the world, including athletes, fans, media representatives and many others.

Since then, 40 years have passed, while the legendary Olympics are still fresh in memory. The lucky ones who were spectators of the large-scale sport event share their memories. After all, it was a time of discovery, a time of brotherhood and national unity, when athletes from a large multinational country performed under the flag of the Soviet Union.

Artists from all over the Union performed at the Luzhniki Stadium, which was the venue for the official opening ceremony of the 1980 Olympics. It was attended by high rank officials, including Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Leonid Brezhnev, who was the head of the country at that time.

Today, Channel One, the first television channel Russia, broadcasted historical footage captured on television cameras. As if getting back to those distant past by the time machine, the contemporaries were able to enjoy the full version of the solemn part of the opening ceremony of the Olympics-80.

Under the countdown of Kremlin Clock chimes, the holiday of sports and friendship was kicked-off. As a tribute to the continuity of the ancient Olympic Games, there is a parade of Greek chariots in the stadium – young boys and girls in ancient Greek clothes rolled out onto the red carpet of the stadium. It was followed by a parade of nations – under the flags of their countries, the main participants of the Olympics, athletes from all over the world entered.

The concert program of the opening ceremony lasted about three hours. Gymnasts, athletes and acrobats surprised the audience with artful tricks and athletic form, and Misha, the Moscow Olympics mascot, also danced in the stadium arena.

In addition to performance of athletes, the opening ceremony included a dance suite A Friendship of the Peoples featuring the traditional dances of the 15 Soviet republics. It was performed by the performers from Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and, of course, Turkmenistan, to the tune of the Russian folk song Kalinka-Malinka.

The folklore group from Turkmenistan had the honor to present the Turkmen folk art as a separate dance show. Girls and boys in national costumes performed an impressive dance with dutar, a folk musical instrument. During the performance of artists from Turkmenistan, the audience in the stands of the stadium formed the national gels of the republic.

And now, forty years later, still we feel pride for our country, while looking at these scenes of the ceremony. We would also suggest you to look at a fragment of the video from the Russian Channel One TV.